Monday, February 9, 2009

Gettin' Crafty

I was able to complete a few projects the past couple of days. Here's a look at what I've done:

Whoo---A scrapbook page! FINALLY! I've had a bit of creative block lately!

My first attempt at using brads and epoxy buttons! Pretty fun! The pic didn't turn out very well, but it's just a note that says "Thinking of You" with a flower epoxy button and two blue brads.
I bought Derrick a funny card for Valentine's day, but I wanted to give him a romantical one as well, so I made the nice one. The front is just a puzzle piece and the inside says "You are the piece that completes me" Hopefully he'll like it!
I can't have a post without pictures of the twins, so here two cute ones!

I love this one!!!

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