Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Crafts, Charlie and Children

My dad added a shelf to my craft area (THANKS DAD!) so now I have more work and storage space! Here's a picture of how it turned out! I love the extra work space!!
I made Aiden and Addison a new Wall Decor for their room. I decided to try to do a gigham print on the "A's". I think they turned out pretty good! I'm always looking for a good project in between scrapbooking and when I get creative block!

Charlie is being so good with the babies--much better that Derrick and I ever expected! We are glad because Addison adores him and Aiden thinks he's pretty neato. He does think that some of their stuff is made for him though! The other day, Aiden pulled on Charlie's beard and Charlie just yelped. He didn't try to bit Aiden or anything! We were so proud of Charlie!
The twinners are into everything and want to put it in their mouths! Addi really likes paper! here are a few of my favorite pictures from the past few days!

Addi also loves to try and drink what you are drinking. Here she is going after Derrick's rootbeer. Uncle Ryan will be so proud!

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