Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kid's Castle

Last Wednesday, I took Aiden & Addison to Kid's Castle with some of the other moms and tots from MOPS!  I wasn't sure how the kids would like it, because Aiden can be REALLY shy in new situations.  However, the kids did AWESOME!!!! Especially Aiden!! He had no problems going and starting to play! I was so PROUD of them!!!!


Just another day...

WOW!  We've had a crazy morning. I was painting Addi's toes and Aiden went to grab the bottle I told him no and put the bottle back down. I have to use both hands to paint Addi's toes because she's such a wiggle worm. Well as I was doing that, Aiden grabbed the bottle of polish again and leaned over to blow on Addi's toes to help dry them and he spilled on my favorite pair of jeans. I put some nail polish remover on them and am soaking them in oxy clean. I put them in their rooms so I could clean up. When I went in there they both had their diapers off and as soon as the door opened they shot outta there FAST!! So I had to capture the two little streekers!! Just another day in paradise right?!


Monday, March 22, 2010


Oh-Oh: n. -- 1 . A favorite phrase of Addison & Aiden  2. Usually means proceed with caution  3. Oops

While they were supposed to be taking a nap, I started hearing "oh-oh". When I went to check on them, I found the door to their room locked.  After several attempts using a nail and paperclip the door was finally unlocked.  This is what I found:

That is baby lotion on the floor!! Somehow, using the boxes and their diaper genie, someone climbed up to the changing table, got the baby lotion and climbed back down carefully and silently!
This is baby lotion in Aiden's hair. Apparently he needed some deep conditioning!
This is Addison, once she realized she was in trouble!  Just look at that pouty lip.
Addison's deep conditioning.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Surviving the Twin Tornados!

The twins have been VERY BUSY (that could be the biggest UNDERSTATEMENT of the year!)!!!

Derrick was playing raquetball after work a couple of weeks ago, so it was just me and the kiddos.  While I was making and eating dinner here's what the twinners managed to do:
1. Addi stuck her hand in her dirty diaper
2. I let Aiden & Addison play in the bathroom sink....few minutes later I find them both in the tub, with their clothes on & sopping wet, and the water running. Water all over the floor and the toothbrushes scattered around.
3. I ran to the bathroom while they were finishing eating the Aiden is dancing on the table.

I have also discovered that they broke a door (pushed it too far backwards) broke the door stopped hingy thing and had those put holees in the door. They got all all the diapers and scattered them around the floor!

PHEW! That makes for one tired Mama!!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Creative Inspirations Design Team

Hello! I have {GReaT} news!! I am joining the Creative Inspirations Design Team!!  Creative Inspirations makes a water based paint that sparkles!  Think of all the projects you can add bling and shimmer too! I'm so excited to start playing!!  The Design Team gets started in April, so get ready for some {AMazInG} creations from a SUPER CREATIVE group of ladies! I will be posting my creations on my Conixon Creation Blog, so make sure you check there!

Head on over to the Creative Inspirations website and blog -- make sure you mark it as a favorite and get ready to be blown away with bling!! :)