Friday, March 19, 2010

Surviving the Twin Tornados!

The twins have been VERY BUSY (that could be the biggest UNDERSTATEMENT of the year!)!!!

Derrick was playing raquetball after work a couple of weeks ago, so it was just me and the kiddos.  While I was making and eating dinner here's what the twinners managed to do:
1. Addi stuck her hand in her dirty diaper
2. I let Aiden & Addison play in the bathroom sink....few minutes later I find them both in the tub, with their clothes on & sopping wet, and the water running. Water all over the floor and the toothbrushes scattered around.
3. I ran to the bathroom while they were finishing eating the Aiden is dancing on the table.

I have also discovered that they broke a door (pushed it too far backwards) broke the door stopped hingy thing and had those put holees in the door. They got all all the diapers and scattered them around the floor!

PHEW! That makes for one tired Mama!!


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