Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just another day...

WOW!  We've had a crazy morning. I was painting Addi's toes and Aiden went to grab the bottle I told him no and put the bottle back down. I have to use both hands to paint Addi's toes because she's such a wiggle worm. Well as I was doing that, Aiden grabbed the bottle of polish again and leaned over to blow on Addi's toes to help dry them and he spilled on my favorite pair of jeans. I put some nail polish remover on them and am soaking them in oxy clean. I put them in their rooms so I could clean up. When I went in there they both had their diapers off and as soon as the door opened they shot outta there FAST!! So I had to capture the two little streekers!! Just another day in paradise right?!


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