Monday, March 22, 2010


Oh-Oh: n. -- 1 . A favorite phrase of Addison & Aiden  2. Usually means proceed with caution  3. Oops

While they were supposed to be taking a nap, I started hearing "oh-oh". When I went to check on them, I found the door to their room locked.  After several attempts using a nail and paperclip the door was finally unlocked.  This is what I found:

That is baby lotion on the floor!! Somehow, using the boxes and their diaper genie, someone climbed up to the changing table, got the baby lotion and climbed back down carefully and silently!
This is baby lotion in Aiden's hair. Apparently he needed some deep conditioning!
This is Addison, once she realized she was in trouble!  Just look at that pouty lip.
Addison's deep conditioning.



Julie said...

Oh----sorry, Stephanie. I hope you survive. I suppose each day will be an adventure for you. That little sad face is so cute---what sweet, sweet kids. Hope your day is eventful free today :). Julie

flowerdisco said...

Hi Steph....I am glad I am finally catching up with you ladies blogs.

Leigh said...

Hi Stephanie,

I came across a link to your blog on the Cricut Messageboard for the Swarms in WA State. I am located in Moses Lake and I thought I would check our your blog. I've discovered that we have quite a bit in common! I am the mommie of a preemie too (only 1 though)! I enjoyed reading your posts and will check back when you update! Thanks for sharing.