Friday, February 5, 2010

Our Perfectly Chaotic Life

I don't have any pictures, but I just HAD to write this down!!

Yesterday Aiden decided to lock himself into the office.  I called my mom and my brother Brent to figure out what to do. Find something small like a paperclip and stick it in the door to pop the lock, was the advice. However, all the paperclips were in the office!  I called my dad to come help because I couldn't find anything small enough. Right after I called I found a nail and it worked like a charm!  Aiden wasn't the least bit worried...He was sitting down and coloring.

Aiden can also remove the child safety door covers...I think we have a lil' engineer!

This morning, I went to get the twins up from their cribs and the door was locked!  (Notice the cribs!!)  I knocked on the door and Addison responded with some "la-la-lah's".  Of course the nail I used yesterday wasn't working for some bizarre reason.  I was able to get a paperclip from the office and pop the lock. The question still remains how Addi got out of her crib all by herself. I asked her, but she just smiled!

Later today the kids found the closet with the wrapping paper. They were shaking it and unrolling it. I opened my mouth to say something and then simultaneously put the rolls up to their mouths and said "do-do"! I couldn't help but laugh!

Welcome to our Perfectly Chaotic Life!!


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