Friday, February 5, 2010

18 months going on 16

I put Aiden is his carseat, but Addison was still trying to get down the stairs and she wanted to do it herself without my help.  I left Aiden's door open and went into the house to get sippy cups.  When I came back out this is what I found!

Aiden was not happy to be the passenger!!



Roshni's Paper Trail said...

I love this! I have twins, a boy and a girl that were also born in July 2008. My son's name is also Aiden! How interesting is that! I would love to get in touch to see how you handle things and if you have any advice on things! My email is



Just found your darling blog!!! barb

Robin's Creative Cottage said...

Stephanie, I love the title of this post! And believe it or not.... I have a 16 year old and the years do go by sooooooooo fast. You have adorable children even when they arn't always happy.... but he is doing what a sibling usually does when another sibling gets behind the wheel.... "no mom... don't let her drive", that's what they say to me :)