Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Okay, I admit..

Obviously I am a horrible blogger! Hopefully I can work on just posting a little something each day! We've moved to Ellensburg (in case you didn't know!) We are in a fantastic little house in a great neighborhood. Our house!
Derrick is loving his job and I am loving staying home with the twins. They definitely keep me busy. Since they were preemies, we are supposed to keep them out of public places during cold and flu season. That has definitely been challenging. I miss being able to just go places without having to find a babysitter (usually mom, dad, or Derrick). I miss going to the store with Derrick! It will definitely be strange to take the babies to the store though. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage two, plus a cart!

Aiden on his Lion he got for Christmas! He loves that thing!

Addison in her walker--another big hit from Christmas!

Aiden and Addison love their "cookies"! They are working on starting foods. So far we've conquered rice cereal, bananas, peaches and cookies. Whoo Hoo. Later this week we are doing squash!

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Julie said...

Hi Stephanie---What adorable kids!!! I wish I lived closer and I would watch them for you while you escaped for a few minutes. I'll bet you miss adult conversation sometimes. That was the hardest adjustment for me when I had Jessica. Staying home alone all day when I was used to working and going here and there. You will be so thankful you have the time with the twins though, because you will never get this time back. They grow up so fast. Every little moment is tender and so worth being there for. I'm sure you are a great Mom because those little ones look so happy and healthy. Good job and have a great day. Julie