Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today's Adventures

I know I'm WAAAY behind in blogging (and yes, that's probably THE understatement of the year) but I really wanted to write this down before I forgot!!

While the kiddos were supposed to be down for naps,  I checked on them and they were on top of the changing table without their diapers and Aiden has diaper cream all over his hair, face, and clothes. He loves to put everything in his hair -- I guess he thinks it's hair gel! Once I got that cleaned up and everyone re-diapered, I checked on them again. Addi fell asleep by the door and Aiden has his top half covered with a blanket, but not his bottom half. Plus he had taken his diaper off again so he was totally naked! I knew that would not be a happy ending if I just left him, so I had to sneak in without hitting Addi with the door and then put a diaper on him. Luckily they both stayed asleep!!!


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Jamie said...

Hi Stephanie,
you should get in contact with me next time your in the area visiting the hub's family! I think a play date is a MUST!

P.S my word verification is
"undife" heheheheheh