Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome to the Nut House!

To say tonight has been crazy, would be an understatement! Addison was apparently not happy with her dinner of steak, cauliflower, applesauce and a roll because shortly after Derrick and I sat down to eat she started screaming. We tried to offer her different food we know she likes (puffs, cottage cheese) but to no avail! I put her in the tub hoping that it would calm her down since she loves the play in the water and while daddy BBQ'd we been playing in the sandbox, so she had sand EVERYWHERE! Well she was not about to be in the tub--I did get the sand out of the nooks and crannies though! I held Addison and daddy gave Aiden a bath. Addi decided she would take a bath too since brother was in the tub. Derrick offered to let me go finish my dinner since I still had most of my steak left, but I decided to check my email. When Addison got out, Derrick yelled out to me, "Naked girl on the loose". She stood at the doorway to the bathroom, looked back at Derrick and peed--not just a little puddle, but a BIG puddle. Got that cleaned up and took Addi to the kitchen where I found Charlie on top of the table polishing off my steak! He has never done that before! So, he is now in his kennel and the children are all diapered. I'm exhausted!! Welcome to our life!



Alecia said...

Oh noooooo.... Steph! I'm not sure which part was worse, but this I know, a woman needs her steak! When you crawl into bed tonight and the twinners are asleep it's going to feel so gooood :D Love you!!!

Team Thompson said...

Ohh my goodness! Hopefully you were able to get something to eat...maybe the puffs or cottage cheese? :)